About Us

Oddprecious was founded with a simple yet ambitious vision. We're just tired of seeing generic fashion brands that we're afraid to think outside the box. We envision a world where everyone can pave their own path, in their own style, to be who they were born to be. What we came up with was an all-inclusive collection of womenswear for all ages that pushes the boundaries of the fashion industry by creating unique pieces that will make you stand out in style. We believe that you don't have to settle for the norm and strive to create one-off pieces that catch attention as you proudly wear your uniqueness throughout the day.

Dare to be yourself. Dare to choose you. Our carefully selected garments are designed to unleash your innermost true self. We want everyone who wears our clothes to feel completely comfortable with who they are. We do this by constantly staying on top of trends and offering the most fashionable products currently available. You can rest easy knowing we only stock the latest and most original clothing on the market right now. We're for those who appreciate a great aesthetic and want their clothes to reflect that. Someone who wants to really make a statement in comfortable yet eye-catching clothing.

At Oddprecious, we believe that clothing isn't just about keeping you covered. It acts as an extension of your personality, telling the world "Hey! This is me. Deal with it!". Each of our pieces is lovingly crafted by our dedicated team of independent designers using only the finest fabrics. Pave your way today with our curated selection of stylish women's clothing.

Company: Pan da Trading (Langfang) Co., Ltd.

Address (non-mailing address):Store No. 38, Gongye Road, Lincheng Village, Hot Spring Leisure Business Industrial Park, Gu'an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province